How To Use Your Website To Close Every Appointment You Get

    If you’ve got a great website like Craig’s (, you need to leverage it in every possible way. Your website can and should be an incredibly effective tool during your listing and buyers’ presentations. Here’s how to use your website to close nearly every appointment that you get:

  1. Before the presentation, be sure to ask your prospects to review your site prior to the listing appointment. They’re sure to be impressed at least enough to be favorably disposed to you before you arrive. Better yet, it will help to steer them away from any other agents that they may be interviewing.
  2. Include views or printouts of the home page for all of your websites as part of your printed or slide presentation. If you’re using multiple websites (branded and unbranded), be sure to include printouts of each site. Explain the differences between branded and unbranded sites and how this attracts more potential buyers.
  3. Demonstrate or show printouts of the key pages within your site. Pages such as the “VIP Buyer Program” and the “Online Home Evaluation” will impress most prospects.
  4. Show them how their house will look within the listings section of your website. Illustrate the virtual tour and slideshow features. Be sure to point out the benefits of the viral marketing features such as the “Email this listing to a friend”. If you can add a sample listing for their house in advance, they’ll really be impressed.
  5. If you’re using 360 degree virtual tours, be sure to point this out and describe the benefits. Better yet, if you’re using the “Egg” to take your own 360 degree photos, take the lens and camera with you and demo it while you are there. It looks very cool and will definitely make you appear technically savvy.
  6. If your site generates a significant amount of traffic, don’t forget to printout the traffic statistics and report requests that your site generates.
  7. Make a list of all the ways that you market and promote your website (and the houses within it) and describe how this benefits all your clients.
  8. In most cases, listings that go to your MLS will automatically be placed on and a number of other real estate search portals. Even though all listings sent to the MLS will get to these sites, you’ll be the only agent taking credit for it.

    This should give you a significant amount of ammunition to help you get the contract. I’m sure once you think a little bit about this you’ll quickly come up with some other ideas of your own.