The MOST Common And Costly Web Site Promotional Mistake and How to Avoid It

Most people think that just by plastering their web site address all over the map, that they will automatically generate lots of visitors.  Let me say this very strongly… IT JUST ISN’T TRUE!  This mistake can be extremely costly!  And, you will never know how many people have just passed you by.

Almost nobody will visit your web site just because they see your domain name.   Domain names have become so common in advertising these days, that on their own, they don’t generate any interest in your clients.  Get this point straight… You must ALWAYS give people meaningful and compelling reasons to visit your web site

The Golden Rule of Promoting Your Web Site:

Every time you mention your web site address, you MUST include a tagline that provides a strong and compelling reason for someone to visit your site.  Without a good tagline to entice visitors to your site, you can be sure that they will not visit.

Much like a good headline, your tagline should appeal to your prospects emotions.  In fact, the same rules that you use to make a good headline should be used in creating your taglines:

  1. Your tagline must appeal to your prospects’ emotions (love, fear, greed, control, passion, etc.).
  2.  Choice of words is critical… Top words include YOU, YOUR, HOW, NEW, WHO, MONEY, NOW, PEOPLE, WANT, WHY.
  3. Use a tagline that promises a benefit.
  4.  Use a tagline that selects prospects (i.e. Free To Home Buyers).  Remember the tagline is the ad for your web site.
  5. Mention your offer immediately in your tagline.

Let me give you a few examples of good taglines:

  • Learn how to sell your home fast and for top dollar.  Visit
  • Beat other buyers to HOT, NEW Listings.  Join our FREE VIP Buyer Program at
  • For a FREE, Over-the-Net Home Evaluation, visit
  • Find out what the house down the street sold for.  Visit

Remember, wherever you display your web site address (business card, letterhead, listing signs, billboards, classified ads, t-shirts, your car, etc., etc.), include a great tagline.  If your web site uses Direct Response techniques, you’ll get more prospects almost immediately.