How To Target Sellers With The “27 Tips” Report

The average person is bombarded daily with an ocean of options, choices, dilemmas, opportunities, threats, decisions, problems and tasks. It is said that the amount of information doubles every four years, and with the explosion of the internet, this is likely a highly conservative estimate.

For many of our questions, then, there are innumerable potential answers, and it takes a lot of digging, analyzing and TIME (something most of us don’t have) to separate fact from fiction, and sales hype from good, clear, objective, USEFUL answers. It’s a daunting task, but that doesn’t stop us from yearning for some easy answers and simple solutions to solve the problems we’re dealing with. All of us secretly want to believe in a magic wand which can easily produce a quick and easy synopsis of how to deal with whatever we’re dealing with.

Why it works:

There are lots of things that keep us busy as individuals, but if you’re planning to sell your home, chances are you’ll be more busy than usual — this major undertaking will simply overlay all the thousand other things that occupy you and threaten dire financial consequence if you don’t attend to it properly.

Selling a home is NOT something most people do very often — perhaps 3 or 4 times in a lifetime with lots of years in between. There’s much uncertainty and insecurity surrounding the sale of a home. And it’s such a public undertaking, the results of which not only impact the homeseller’s finances, but also (indirectly) those of their neighbors (as it will affect home pricing in the neighborhood), so there’s anxiety and stress mixed into the pot as well.

When you’re in the mode of selling, your heart is already where you’re going, not in the current home you’re planning to get rid of. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time and money on yesterday’s news. But the reality is that homeowners must pay their current home some attention in order to reap as high a price as they can. If you can offer homeowners an easy but comprehensive list of things they must attend to, you can shift their focus to execution and take their mind off conjecture and worry.

With the 27 Tips Report (which can be run as both an editorial ad and on a postcard ), you become not just an information provider, but a trusted advisor . . . a short step away from hired council.

This ad works because it identifies, and then offers a solution to, a real consumer need — it points out the problem and shows prospects the benefit of visiting your website to get further information. It shows prospects an easy, non-threatening way to get help.

If you are a subscriber to the Success Website, prospects are able to order this (and many other) reports online when they visit your website.  All you need to do is run the ad.   No further work is required from you.

Editorial Ad:

 To achieve proven results, you should run the ad exactly as shown below.  Remember to replace “YOUR TOWN”, “YOURDOMAIN”, “AGENT” and “COMPANY NAME” with your information.

27 Quick & Easy Fix Ups to Sell Your Home Fast and for Top Dollar

YOUR TOWN – Because your home may well be your largest asset, selling it is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. And once you have made that decision, you’ll want to sell your home for the highest price in the shortest time possible without compromising your sanity. Before you place your home on the market, here’s a way to help you to be as prepared as possible.

  To assist homesellers, a new industry report has just been released called “27 Valuable Tips That You Should Know to Get Your Home Sold Fast and for Top Dollar.” It tackles the important issues you need to know to make your home competitive in  today’s tough, aggressive marketplace.

Through these 27 tips, you will discover how to protect and capitalize on your most important investment, reduce stress, be in control of your situation, and make the most profit possible.

  In this report you’ll discover how to avoid financial disappointment or worse, a financial disaster when selling your home. Using a common-sense approach, you get the straight facts about what can make or break the sale of your home.

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You owe it to yourself to learn how these important tips will give you the competitive edge to get your home sold fast and for the most amount of money.

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