Feedback from Today’s Coaching Call with Steve and Craig Proctor

Thanks to all who joined us for today’s coaching call. We hope you found it informative and inspiring.

We want your feedback! Remember, we are committed to your success – and that begins with an understanding of what you need and what’s working (or not working) for you.

Please submit your questions, comments, thoughts, success stories, and ideas, to the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Feedback from Today’s Coaching Call with Steve and Craig Proctor”

  1. I thought the call was awesome. I have been pondering the migration but this convinced me to make the move. My only fear is that the sellers who keep an eye on what we do might think they are in the wrong place…..LOL

    I love these coaching calls. Please keep ’em coming.

    Kat Becker

  2. Craig exemplified why he’s been so successful in developing his systems. He really understands human nature. I agree with his rational that consumers will respond more favorably with more information on the landing page as stated on the call.

    This is why I request that both of my websites, &, have the new fields that Craig suggested we have on the landing pages.
    Please change all appropriate landing pages accordingly.
    Thanks for a great call.

    Barry Rabinovitz

  3. I have the newest websites. My question is “Are the request area templates available so prospects can leave more than just their info? As Craig stated, the prospect needs to feel that we are not just interested in capturing their info.”

  4. The truth is that Craig is always RIGHT! I was convinced from the start that I needed to migrate over to the new branded and unbranded websites. And thank you Steve for having an open mind and for setting up the monthly website training.

  5. Great webinar! I’m excited about the new look, but I’m definitely interested in seeing how my custom pages are going to migrate to the new format. I’m hoping that there are lots more training videos to let us know all the vast features available so we can take advantage of them.

  6. Awesome call. Forget about testing Craig’s ideas: put them into place now, there’s no way they will not increase sign-ups, which have been slipping over the years as the internet audience gets more savvy. Now, when will the Control Panel get its much-needed update…

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